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Adrian Mendoza, new GMF (2016)

Check out Adrian (Dring) Mendoza 's new blog:

Welcome to UMMA's new blog

I am offering this blog as an opportunity for Global Ministries missionaries and retirees to share with one another public information about their blogs, Facebook presences, or Twister feeds.

Post your information here and expect someone to notice.

Check back often to see who has posted!

->IT MAY TAKE ME A WHILE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO WHAT I HAVE PROMISED HERE — in fact, more than a year has passed since I started this effort! (But it may be possible to teach old dogs new tricks. MEANWHILE, I AM POSTING INFORMATION AS I RECEIVE IT ON THE PREVIOUS UMMA FEEDBACK BLOG AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS umma-global.blogspot.com/2015/11/others-blogs.html <-

Help me make a new start of it. Email your URL for your block to me and I will do my best to add it here.

Personal Facebook: James Dwyer, Twitter @pastordwyer
UMMA Facebook page: UMMA - United Methodist Missionary Association

Jump in and test the waters!


To add you information to this blog, please email me at blog@umma-global.org