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"The Purpose of the United Methodist Missionary Association (UMMA) is to develop and nurture a vital connectional network among active, inactive and retired missionaries of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church for the purpose of promoting Christian mission." (UMMA Constitution)

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Global Ministries Announces Bicentennial Plans

Dr. David W. Scott, Director of Mission Theology at the UMC's Global Ministries in Atlana has shared the ageny's Bicentennial plans

Methodist Mission Bicentennial

Over the next two years, Methodists around the world will celebrate the bicentennial of Methodist mission, which marks the 1818 founding of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in England and the 1819 founding of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, forerunner of The United Methodist Church. 2019 will further mark the 150th anniversary of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society, also of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

This will be a celebratory time not only for honoring mission in the life of the church, but also for reflecting on the practice of mission within local churches, annual conferences, and throughout the Methodist family.

For the celebrations over the next two years, there will be two key components.

One component will be the collection of stories of Methodists from around the world in mission. To submit a story of a Methodist in mission, visit methodistmission200.org, starting on September 1, 2017. These stories can be shared as written text, audio compilations, or short videos. Our goal is to collect and share these stories each month as we lead up to the bicentennial celebration in 2019. Collecting and celebrating these stories will be an important means of understanding the many faces of Methodist mission.

The bicentennial will also include a world conference of mission leaders and mission scholars. Sponsored by Global Ministries, in collaboration with Candler School of Theology of Emory University, the conference will be called “Answering the Call: Hearing God's Voice in Methodist Mission Past, Present, and Future.” It will be held at the Emory University Conference Center Hotel, April 8-10, 2019. More information will be available at methodistmission200.org.

News from Atlanta:

April 20-25, 2017 — UMMA and GBGM Events

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UMMA Plenary Panorama Perspective with staff, driectors and guests.

Stacks Image 9055

Attending the Gathering 2017 — Session 1 on Saturday

In the middle photo:
Standing — Esther Gitobu, Jim Dwyer, Dakin Cook, Shirley Wu, Tim Boyle, Romy del Rosario, Katherine Parker, David Wu, Warren Harbert, Becky Harrell, Kristen Schmitz.
Sitting— Larry Schmitz, Alice Maclin, Hillary Taylor, Jo Harbert, Alina Saucedo, Richard Wehrman.

Stacks Image 9069

Facing the camera:
Andreas Stämpfli, Alice Maclin, Judy Chung, Joyce Hill, Sara Ann White
Facing away: Hillary Taylor

Stacks Image 9065

Bishop Pedro M. Torio, Jr. (Philippines) and Richard Wehrman

Stacks Image 9067

Shirley Wu, David Wu, Jo Harbert, Warren Harbert, Alina Saucedo

Gathering 2015 — of fond memory

Read daily briefings from the "Gathering" in Newark and Madison, NJ, here:

Stacks Image 9039
Missionaries with Francis Asbury at Drew University and UMC Commission on Archives and History
from left to right Marilia Schüller, Katherine Parker, Richard Vreeland, Kristy Schmitz, Larry Schmitz, Fritzi Johnson, Esther Gitobu, Jim Dwyer, Dakin Cook, DarEll Weist, Alina Saucedo Paucara.
Stacks Image 9041
Missionaries and Judy Chung at the Gathering in Newark — same crew as above, but including Hugh Johnson (back row, left), Hillary Taylor (in front of him) and Mary Escobar (middle row, second from right).